Popular Websites for Carpooling in India

List of Carpooling websites in India:

top 10
  1.     Carpooling.in
Carpooling.in helps you offer or request:
·  Regular car pools (on a daily or weekly basis) for commuters who live nearby and have a common work destination. These carpools are on a repeated schedule.
·     Casual car pools (carpools at specific date) for week-ends, exceptional trips, vacations…These carpools are on an as-needed basis.
    2.  Carpool.inOffice goers or commuters who live nearby and have a common destination fall into the category of ‘carpool’ arrangement. In simple terms ‘carpooling’ is cost saving, particularly for those commuters who travel long distances from their residence to office every day. It is beneficial for those individuals who have limited access to public and private transportation.

It is India’s first and fastest growing car pooling website with thousands of car pools available all over India including all major cities like: Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon , Bombay, Pune, Bangalore etc.

This website acts as mediator between people who want to pool car together. People from all big companies and individuals ( from all over India) are getting registered on website to find a carpool either for giving lift or for taking lift. Beauty of website lies in its security feature of Employee code verification .
E2C is a secure and yet easy to use Corporate Carpooling Website which helps you find carpool from Delhi to Gurgaon or Noida or Faridabad or vice versa among employees travelling from home to office and back, across Delhi-NCR and now also Mumbai & Navi Mumbai. Here are some of the recently added carpools:
Carpools India is a CSR initiative by Tradebooster.Com. We at Tradebooster understand the growing problem of pollution and traffic congestion in our cities. It’s high time that we start doing something to contribute towards a greater good. Keeping this in mind we have started the Carpools India initiative.
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Carpool: Gurgaon Carpool, Noida Carpool – Carpool Delhi to Gurgaon, Carpool Noida to Gurgaon, Carpool Delhi to Noida

I’m creating this post for people who travel daily from Delhi to Gurgaon, Gurgaon to Noida, Delhi to Noida and looking for a better transport option. I travel daily from Delhi to Noida and understand travelling hassles. Comfortable transportation can make a lot of difference in office goers life.

Carpool / Carshareis a very popular concept nowadays, it means sharing car/cab with fellow passengers. You can start your own carpool either by hiring a car on monthly basis or drive yourself and start sharing (you can be a passenger also).

There are many Carpooling sites who facilitate people in finding and providing rides. Following are some examples:

Folksvagn : Register on this website (http://folksvagn.com/) and choose to be either a passenger or driver. You can give or take lift to different people by viewing their details from panel. Website act as a third party between driver and passengers; money transaction happen via website. Drivers get paid Rs 3 per kilometer per person and passengers pay to website for each travel. Sounds like a sharing travelling community, isn’t it?, it will be cool, to meet a new person daily and have a little chit chat before work.

Delhi Carpool : Register on this website (http://delhicarpool.com/) and start searching for fellow members or ride. There are many entries on this website of both passengers or drivers. You can choose a ride on your desired route or choose for members for the same route.

Website mentioned above is specifically for Delhi Carpool, you can try some other sites also like : http://poolmycar.in/  and http://www.easy2commute.com/ (Focused on corporate employees), you need to register on these websites to access information of other users. Post your query on these websites (for members or ride) and visit regularly for more members of the same route.

Some tricks for people searching or posting carpool:

Tips and Tricks on Carpool Search

1. If you are searching for East delhi to Gurgaon carpool then start searching for famous place of east Delhi like Dilshad garden, Preet vihar, Shalimar Bagh, Karkardooma, Shahdara.
Most of the people post about their carpool with specific destinations like ‘Carpool available from Shahdara to Noida Sector-4’, only few people give broad destinations like east Delhi to Noida or Delhi to Noida. So start looking for famous and specific locations like ‘Dilshad Garden to Noida sector 18’ instead of searching for broad keywords like ‘Noida to Gurgaon

2. If you are posting your query for fellow members or ride then use a range of specific keywords. For example if you want members for route : ‘Delhi to Gurgaon‘ then mention all famous stops on your way like: ‘Need passengers for going from Shalimar Garden/Shahdara/Dilshad Garden/Anand Vihar to Gurgaon/Hero Honda chowk/Huda city center’ . It may not sound good but it will increase visibility of your post on google so if someone is looking for cab service from ‘Anand vihar to Hero honda chowk’ then he/she will land on your post through google (as most of the searches happen on google) also.

Happy Riding!! 🙂